Anti Aging Facial - For mature skin - targets fine lines and wrinkles, minimizes sun damage and restores your natural radiance. Includes power enzyme exfoliation, treatment serums, facial massage and peptide infusion masque.

Approx 60 mins    $80.


Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - Extra ultasonic exfoliation and extractions for clean, healthy skin. Includeds anti-bacterial treatment if needed and purifying masque.

Approx 60 min $75.


Platinum Radiance Facial - The perfect results riented facial when you really need to shine!  Combines the power of advanced technology and premium products in one treatment.  Includes enzyme peel, RevitaPen infusion, TAMA blue onyx microcurrent or lightwave treatment.  Serum, actives, collagen , peptide lift masque and appropriate moisturizer.

Approx 90min      $165.


Simply Refreshing Facial - When you simply want to relax and refresh - this is the facial for you.  This facial leaves you gowing and feeling healthy.  Includes enzyme exfoliation, facial massage and appropriate masque.

Approx 60 min $70.


Lightwave LED Facial

Includes Anti-Aging or Deep pore Cleansing Facial and Blue or Red Lightwave treatment.

Approx 70 mins $100.


Red LED enhances the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fades brown spots and improves blood capillary blemishes. Accelerating the repair of skin sun damage,it also tightens pores and improves overall face skin brightness,elasticity and smoothness.


Blue LED kills acne bacteriahelping to reduce inflamation and clear the skin. Redness and flushing are reduced. By penetrating into the superficial dermis it improves acne and skin irritations while helping to clam and regulate the sebaceous (oil) glands.


Lightwave Topical Light Infusion

Lightwave LED facial With Topical Light Infusion Treatment.

Aprox 70 $110.


Tama Blue Onyx Microcurrent Facial

Facial rejuvenation with TAMA Blue Onyx is the non-surgical face lift!

Approx 60 min$100.


Osmosis RevitaPen Infusion Facial

Innovative nanotechnology infusion provides mild exfoliation,increases hydration,reduces fine lines and wrinkles,reduces inflammation and blemishes,and improves texture and healthof the skin.

Approx 60min $110


Peels- we have several peels to choose from..your esthetician will determine the appropriate peel for your skin.

Peel series of 4 to 6 recommended for most peels to achieve best results




Therapeutic Massage - Customized for relaxation and restorative benefits 

30 min -$40.  45 min - $50.  60 min - $70.  75 min - $80.  90 min - $100.


Hot Stone Massage - Smooth heated basalt stones are used to gently massage and loosen tight muscles  

60 min - $80.   90 min - $110.


Chakra Balancing Massage - A gentle intuitive bodywork session using special blends of Chakra Oils.  The oil blends will be used both to affect the physical body and energetic body.  Many include additional energetic clearing using Reiki, guided imagery andsoul level dialogue, which may be enhanced by the placement of crystals and gemstones on and around the body.  You will feel lighter, more energized and have a greater sense of well-being and intuitive clarity.

80 min - $100.


Pregnancy/Prenatal Massage -Special attention and care for the mother-to-be, focus is on relaxation and includes therapeutic bodywork.  If you are in3rd trimester and are in need of more focus on lower back work please book longer session.

60 min $75.  90min - $95.


Reflexology - Direct pressure on specific reflex zones on the feet is applied for whole body health benefits

30 min - $45. ($30. when added to another service)


Introductory Energy Healing - Melt awsay stree, anxiety and negative self-talk

30 min - $45


Healing Journey - Experience a profound healing session to release negative or limiting beliefs.  Clear stuck energies and balance chakras.

60 min - $80  (4) 60 min  weekly sessions $280



Manicure   $16.

Spa Manicure   $21.

Spa Manicure with Paraffin   $28.

Gel Manicure   $25.

French Manicure   $20.

Paraffin Dip & Massage   $10.

Polish Change   $6.

Universals (temporary)   $35.

Sculptured Nails   $45.

Overlay   $35.

Acrylic Refill   $27.

Acrylic Overlay with Tips   $50.

Pink and White Overlay   $55.

Spa Pedicure   $42.

Spa Pedicure with Paraffin   $52.

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